Flyspray is a bug tracking system written in PHP. FlySpray is notably used by Arch Linux itself (

Status in Arch Linux

Issue FS#24999 was in progress to migrate away from FlySpray to Bugzilla. Unfortunately the main developer abandoned the project due to lack of time/interest.


Install the flyspray package. Flyspray requires a web server such as Apache HTTP Server with PHP, and an SQL server such as MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Apache Setup

Note: You will need to have Apache HTTP Server configured to run with PHP. Check Apache HTTP Server#PHP for instructions. Make sure to uncomment extension=mysqli in /etc/php/php.ini.

You will need to create a configuration file for Apache to find your Flyspray install. Create the following file:

Alias /flyspray "/usr/share/webapps/flyspray"
<Directory "/usr/share/webapps/flyspray">
	AllowOverride All
	Options FollowSymlinks
	Require all granted
	php_admin_value open_basedir "/srv/http/:/tmp/:/usr/share/webapps/flyspray"

You will then need to edit /etc/webapps/flyspray/.htaccess and change deny from all to allow from all. You should now be able to navigate to the flyspray interface (e.g. http://localhost/flyspray) and it will show a page of pre-installation checks. Any issues here should be resolved before continuing.

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