GNU Compiler Collection

The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is part of the GNU toolchain and includes front ends for C and C++.


Install the gcc package.

Other available front-ends are:

Old versions

Old versions of GCC may be useful for historical curiosity, old projects that cannot be compiled on the current versions, or for testing the compatibility of projects:

  • GCC 4.3: gcc43AUR
  • GCC 4.4:
  • GCC 4.5:
  • GCC 4.6:
  • GCC 4.7: gcc47AUR
  • GCC 4.8:
  • GCC 4.9: gcc49AUR
  • GCC 5:
  • GCC 6:
  • GCC 7:
  • GCC 8:
  • GCC 9:
  • GCC 10:
  • GCC 11:

Other front-ends for old versions of GCC may be found on the official repositories and the AUR by searching for , e.g. searching for for GCC 9 front-ends.

Tip: Use the CC (for C) and CXX (for C++) environment variables to specify which version of GCC will be used with e.g make or cmake. For example:
$ export CC=gcc-11 CXX=g++-11

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