pkgfile is a tool for searching files from packages in the official repositories.


Install the pkgfile package. Alternatively, install the development version with the pkgfile-gitAUR package.

The pkgfile database can then be synced with:

# pkgfile -u


To search for a package that owns the file makepkg:

$ pkgfile makepkg

To list all files provided by :

Latter is comparable to (see pacman#Querying package databases), except it applies to remote packages.

Command not found

See Bash#Command not found, Zsh#pkgfile "command not found" handler and Fish#The "command not found" hook.

Automatic updates

pkgfile ships with a systemd service and timer for automatically synchronizing the pkgfile database. To activate automatic updates enable .

By default, pkgfile will be updated daily. To change this schedule, edit the unit file.

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