A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions.

All versions of Microsoft SQL Server (not MySQL). Please also add a version-specific tag, like sql-server-2016, since it is often relevant to the question.
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All versions of MySQL (not Microsoft SQL Server). Please also add a version-specific tag like mysql-5.7 if that is relevant to the question.
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All versions of PostgreSQL. Add an additional version-specific tag like [postgresql-13] if that context is relevant.
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All versions of Oracle database. Add a version-specific tag like oracle-11g-r2 if that context is important in the question. Do not use for Oracle products such as applications or middleware or other database products owned by Oracle, like MySQL or BerkeleyDB.
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An evaluation of whether a system works well enough to be fit for purpose. Normally performance refers to the speed with which a system completes an operation or set of operations over time.
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The development of the conceptual schema and/or the logical model and/or the physical settings of a database.
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SQL Server 2012 (major build version 11.00.xxxx). Please also tag sql-server.
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SQL Server 2008 (major build version 10.00.xxxx). Please also tag with sql-server.
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SQL Server 2008 R2 (major build version 10.50.xxxx). Please also tag with sql-server.
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Replication is the process of sharing any level of information so as to ensure consistency between redundant hardware/software resources to improve reliability, fault-tolerance, and accessibility
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For questions about improving the performance and/or efficiency of database queries.
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A database structure that can improve the speed of queries at the cost of disk space and slower inserts/updates. It stores a copy of one or more columns sorted but structures the data differently to allow faster access.
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Transact-SQL (T-SQL) is a dialect of SQL used by Microsoft SQL Server and SAP's Sybase.
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SQL Server 2014 (major build version 12.0.xxxx). Please also tag sql-server.
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SQL Server 2016 (major build version 13.00.xxxx). Please also tag sql-server.
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Making copies of data which may be restored after a data loss event or to recover data from some earlier point in time.
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All versions of MongoDB - a scalable, high-performance, open source, document-oriented database.
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Open source RDBMS that forked from MySQL. Add a version-specific tag like mariadb-10.5 if that context is important.
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InnoDB : MySQL's ACID-compliant Storage Engine
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In the context of a database, optimisation refers to the process of the query optimiser selecting an efficient physical execution plan.
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An SQL join clause combines records from two or more tables or views.
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Callable code installed on a database manager, exposing an API through which it can be invoked. Normally written in the native query language, some DBMS platforms support other languages as well.
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Privileges granted to an account or role through the security mechanism of an operating system, database manager or other system.
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Availability Groups are a new feature of SQL Server 2012 that provide continuous data synchronization, automatic failover and secondary read access for one or many SQL Server databases.
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Procedural code automatically executed in response to a database event.
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Oracle Database 11g Release 2. Please also tag oracle for search purposes.
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Reloading a database from a backup, typically for disaster recovery, or to make a copy of a database onto another server.
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Writing queries to request or change information stored in a database or other information management system. Questions should include table and index definitions, sample data, expected output, and a tag for the specific system (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB).
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SQL Server 2005 (major build version 9.00.xxxx). Please also tag sql-server.
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MySQL version 5.5 - please also tag with mysql for search purposes.
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SQL Server Management Studio, a graphical front-end tool shipped with SQL Server for managing and querying databases. It also supports managing other bundled systems such as SSAS.
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The strategy selected by the query optimizer to process a query.
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Allowing users to access only the data they are authorized to access. It also encompasses protection of data during movement on the network and storage on disks and backups.
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SQL Server Integration Services, an ETL tool sold by Microsoft and bundled with SQL Server versions since SQL Server 2005.
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MySQL version 5.6 - please also tag with mysql for search purposes.
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MySQL version 5.7 - please also tag with mysql for search purposes.
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