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Is the Raspberry Pi suitable for running continuously, 24/7?

I would like to run a headless machine to perform some basic automation and statistical generation (e.g. generating netstats, uploading to, as well as any other trivial batch jobs that may spring up. As the RaspPi has been designed…
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How do I backup my Raspberry Pi?

I have been writing programs for my Raspberry Pi (running Raspbian) for a few weeks now and would like to make sure I protect the work I have done. How can I backup the files I have created? Can I simply plug the SD card into my Windows (XP or 7)…
Steve Robillard
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How do I turn off my Raspberry Pi?

Should I just pull the plug? Or is it best if I exit LXDE and any other running processes first?
Andrew Fogg
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How do I set up networking/WiFi/static IP address on Raspbian/Raspberry Pi OS?

I have followed (any one of hundreds) tutorial, and it does not work. How do I set up networking/WiFi/static IP address on the Raspberry Pi? After the Foundation introduced the dhcpcd networking system to Raspbian in May 2015 there were hundreds…
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How can I extend the life of my SD card?

I'm not all that keen to buy a USB hard disk, but I'm aware that SD cards aren't suitable for many repetitions of reading and writing. Are there any steps I can take to extend the life of my SD card while it's being used by my Raspberry Pi?
Highly Irregular
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Execute script on start-up

I am trying to execute a script when my Raspberry Pi boots up. I would like the web browser to open up automatically. I have tried to find a simple solution, (like dropping my script in some "startup" directory or something similar) but I am not…
Tyler Murry
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What is rpikernelhack?

When doing an apt-get upgrade on my RPi 3, many lines of output show up like this: Adding 'diversion of /boot/bcm2708-rpi-b-plus.dtb to /usr/share/rpikernelhack/bcm2708-rpi-b-plus.dtb by rpikernelhack' Adding 'diversion of /boot/bcm2708-rpi-b.dtb to…
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Prepare SD card for Wifi on Headless Pi

I need to SSH my Pi over wifi but because it is a model A board (using a usb hub is not possible - ever) and I have no ethernet, i can't configure the Pi to connect to my secured wifi network. I want to have the SD card plugged into my laptop and I…
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Disable WiFi (wlan0) on Pi 3

Got a Pi 3 which will always use ethernet, so trying to figure out how to disable the WiFi such that it does not even turn on after a reboot. If I do an ifconfig I see the wlan0 device. I can do ifconfig wlan0 down but it will come back up again…
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How can I resize my / (root) partition?

Even though my SD card is 16GB, the image I flashed onto it was only 2GB and now I can only see 2GB of storage space on the disk. How can I resize the image so that I have more space on my root partition?
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What is the difference between BOARD and BCM for GPIO pin numbering?

When using the RPi.GPIO library in Python you have to call import RPi.GPIO as GPIO and then GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BOARD) or GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BCM) What is the difference between these two options?
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Prepare for ssh without a screen

I have a Raspberry Pi model B at home, but I do not have a screen. My plan is to connect it to the Ethernet and then ssh into it. But this means that the SD card with the operating system (Debian Squeeze) has to be prepared first. I see two…
Till B
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How to setup multiple WiFi networks?

I go back and forth from home to school with my Pi. I just got the WiFi working last night at home using wpa.conf instead of wpa_supplicant.conf as the book I was using had the walk thru for that instead. I've noticed lots seem to use…
Chef Flambe
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How can I run the Pi on Solar Power?

Has anyone successfully set up their Pi to run on solar power? If so, what would be the cheapest way to sensibly and reliably achieve this, using a combination of solar cells / batteries / voltage regulators? Is it a case of just building panels…
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How can I reformat my SD card to use it normally again?

I wish to reformat my SD card to use normally again (it currently has one 78 MB FAT32 partition and one 3.9 GB Linux partition). How do I do this (on Windows/Mac/*nix)?
Tom Medley
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