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The methods for powering the Raspberry Pi (typically via its micro-USB connection.)

The methods for powering the Raspberry Pi via its micro-USB connection.

What are the power requirements?

The power supply should support 5V and 700 - 2000 mA depending on the usage of the attached devices.

For other power methods that do not relate to the Raspberry Pi's micro-USB connection, please use the tag in conjunction with .

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How do I turn off my Raspberry Pi?

Should I just pull the plug? Or is it best if I exit LXDE and any other running processes first?
Andrew Fogg
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How can I run the Pi on Solar Power?

Has anyone successfully set up their Pi to run on solar power? If so, what would be the cheapest way to sensibly and reliably achieve this, using a combination of solar cells / batteries / voltage regulators? Is it a case of just building panels…
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How do I supply power through the GPIO?

I have seen some examples of people powering their Raspberry Pis by wiring a DC "barrel plug" style power supply to the 5V and GND GPIO pins. What considerations should be taken when doing something like this? Do I need to add any protective…
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How can one control AC power (220V) with a Raspberry Pi?

I though about using the Raspberry Pi to switch on and off other electrical devices which unnecessary consume power in stand-by mode. In short, I'd like to control an AC socket or multiple sockets. How can one let the computer "push the…
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How do I build a UPS-like - battery backup - system?

As we all know, the Raspberry Pi doesn't really use that much power (5v + 700mA is the spec). I'd like to build a battery backup for power outages in a DIY-ish fashion. I don't need surge protection or any other fancy options, just security from…
Riku L
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How much energy does the Raspberry Pi consume in a day?

My searching efforts have failed when trying to find this. On average, how much energy does the Raspberry Pi consume in 24 hours (minimal usage vs. max usage in a day and USB vs. Micro-USB powered)?
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Raspberry Pi Power Limitations

There are very many, often contradictory, claims about the power requirements and limitations of the Pi. What are the exact requirements?
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What do I need to know to power from batteries?

What voltage range can it accept? What sort of batteries are appropriate?
Highly Irregular
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How do I modify my Raspberry Pi to be powered over PoE?

Is it possible to modify the Pi, so that it can receive it's power via Power over Ethernet (PoE)? I would like to be able to power my unit via the ethernet cable, so that I don't have to worry about running power cords around the place.
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Raspberry Pi 3 vs Pi 2 power consumption and heat dissipation

I've seen the announcement of the new Raspberry 3 but didn't find any info regarding power consumption and heating. A 1.2 Ghz 64-bit CPU is great but does it draw a lot more power? Shall heat be an issue with small cases with the Rpi3? I've read…
Cedric Martin
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What's the current draw and supply voltage tolerance?

What's the current draw when the Raspi is at idle (min), and at 100% CPU/GPU (max)? (With no peripherals/accessories plugged in) What's the minimum and maximum voltage allowed to run the Raspi stably?
Alex L
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Powering without using the micro USB

Is it possible to power the device without using the micro USB? For example, is it possible to use PoE (Power over Ethernet)?
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Will any external battery power a Raspberry Pi?

I am working on a project that needs the Raspberry Pi to work without a mains connection. I have considered buying a 50000mAh USB power bank. Would this power a Raspberry Pi, and if so, would it power it for more than 24 hours?
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Powering a PI from 12V

I'm thinking of installing my Pi down at my wife's stables which have a 40W solar charged 12V DC lighting circuit. Since the Pi runs at 5V I'm thinking that a quick and easy way to step down the voltage safely would be to use a microUSB mobile phone…
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Choosing a Pi4 power supply

I'm trying to decide what is the best option for powering a Pi4. The specs mention for a minimum of 3A. Let's consider we would also like to connect a 2.5" drive to the Pi4. Could someone more experienced with power supplies help me with the…
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