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Windows Server 2008 (sometimes abbreviated as "Win2K8") is one of Microsoft Windows' server line of operating systems. Released to manufacturing on February 4, 2008, and officially released on February 27, 2008, it is the successor to Windows Server 2003, released nearly five years earlier. A second release, named Windows Server 2008 R2, was released to manufacturing on July 22, 2009. Like Win Vista and Win 7, Win Server 2008 is based on Windows NT 6.x.

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How can I enable the Windows Server Task Scheduler History recording?

I have a Windows Server 2008 with scheduled tasks running, mainly .bat files calling PHP files. I have 2 users on the server, one Admin and the other is a Standard user. I used the Standard User to clear the history log in the Task Scheduler…
martti d
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Gradle proxy configuration

I need web access from Gradle through a proxy server to use the Gradle/Artifactory integration for Jenkins. To reduce possible causes for issues, I manually add the Artifactory plugin in build.gradle and run it from command line: apply { apply…
Daniel Beck
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How to set a JVM TimeZone Properly

I am trying to run a Java program, but it is taking a default GMT timezone instead of an OS defined timezone. My JDK version is 1.5 and the OS is Windows Server Enterprise (2007) Windows has a Central timezone specified, but when I run the following…
Kushal Paudyal
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Is there a way to pass the DB user password into the command line tool mysqladmin?

I currently use the following but it ALWAYS prompts me to manually type the password. Is there any way to pass it in on the command line when launching the executable? mysqladmin processlist -u root -p
Ethan Allen
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IIS7 folder permissions for web application

I am using windows authentication without impersonation on my company's intranet website with IIS7. Under IIS7, what account is used to access the folder which contains my web app using these settings? Would it be IIS_IUSRS? Or NETWORK SERVICE? Or…
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How to set user environment variables in Windows Server 2008 R2 as a normal user?

In older versions of Windows, it was just open the Control Panel, select the System applet, select the Advanced tab, and then hit the Environment variables button. As a normal user, you could edit the "User variables" but not the "System…
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How do I overcome the "The symbolic link cannot be followed because its type is disabled." error when getting the target of a symbolic link?

Following on from a previous question, I am creating a symbolic link on a Server 2008 from a Vista machine using UNC paths. I can create the link just fine. I can go to the Server 2008 box and double click on the link in explorer to open the target…
David Arno
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IIS7: A process serving application pool 'YYYYY' suffered a fatal communication error with the Windows Process Activation Service

We're running a 32-bit Windows server 2008 with an IIS version of 7. We're attempting to publish an 4.0 webapp and so far our attempts have only yielded a few warnings in the serverlog without even stopping the 4.0 application pool A…
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Multiple -and -or in PowerShell Where-Object statement

PS H:\> Invoke-Command -computername SERVERNAME { Get-ChildItem -path E:\dfsroots\datastore2\public} | Where-Object {{ $_.e xtension-match "xls" -or $_.extension-match "xlk" } -and { $_.creationtime -ge "06/01/2014"}} Above is my code example. I'm…
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Getting MSDN PeerChannel "SecureChat" running on Windows Server 2008 R2

I can only get this SDK sample of PeerChannel SecureChat to work in the following scenarios in a basic home network: Locally among instances running on the same machine, or Among Windows 7 machines I cannot get this to work between my Windows…
Jason Kleban
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ASP.NET 4.5 MVC 4 not working on Windows Server 2008 IIS 7

Clearly I'm missing something, I'm unable to deploy a simple ASP.NET MVC 4, .NET 4.5 app on a Windows Small Business Server 2008 on IIS 7. .NET framework 4.5 is installed. Should I be supposed to see that version (4.5) on the Application Pool basic…
Dominic St-Pierre
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Import-Module : The specified module 'activedirectory' was not loaded because no valid module file was found in any module directory

I am having trouble doing an import-module ActiveDirectory on a Server 2008 SP2 (64 bit). NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is installed I download the Windows6.0-KB968934-x86.msu (for ADWS) This file did not install saying that "The update does not apply to…
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Specifying the running directory for Scheduled Tasks using schtasks.exe

I have an application which gets called by a scheduled task. It moved from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008. On 2003, the app ran in the directory where the executable was located. On 2008 Environment.CurrentDirectory (C#) reports that…
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ASP.Net which user account running Web Service on IIS 7?

I want to know which account running my Web Service/Application so that I can assign the read/write access to that account. I have researched and see most of the sources mentions about ASPNET account, but on my 2008 server, there is not any acount…
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Windows service app.config location

I have installed a C# Windows Service on Windows Server 2008. I installed it with InstallUtil. The service reads some data from the app.config file and it is doing it fine. Can you tell me where this file is located after installing the service? I…
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