Al-Bayyina or The Evidence (Arabic: البينة, al-bayyinah, aka "The Clear Proof") is the 98th Chapter (surah) of the Qur'an, with 8 ayat or verses.[1] The Surah is so designated after the word al-bayyinah occurring at the end of the first verse.

Sura 98 of the Quran
The Clear Proof
Other namesEvidence, The Proof, The Clear Sign, The Evidence of the Truth
PositionJuzʼ 30
No. of verses8


  • 1-2 The idolaters stagger at the revelations of the Quran
  • 3-4 Jews and Christians dispute among themselves since the advent of Muhammad and his new religion
  • 5 Unbelievers of all classes threatened with divine judgments
  • 6 People of the Book and polytheists are the worst of all creatures, destined for hell[2]
  • 7-8 'Those who believed and done righteous deeds' are “the best of creatures”; their reward [3]

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