Diocese of Hamar

The Diocese of Hamar (Norwegian: Hamar Bispedømme) is a diocese within the Church of Norway. The Diocese of Hamar includes all of the churches in Innlandet county plus the churches in Lunner in Viken county. Administratively, the diocese is divided into 10 deaneries and 164 parishes in the diocese. The seat of the Diocese of Hamar is located at the Hamar Cathedral (Norwegian: Hamar domkirke) in the city of Hamar.[1][2]

Diocese of Hamar

Hamar bispedømme
TerritoryInnlandet and Viken
DenominationChurch of Norway
Established1153 (Ancient Diocese of Hamar)
1864 (re-established)
Dissolved1537 (Ancient Diocese of Hamar)
CathedralHamar Cathedral
BishopSolveig Fiske
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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamar was formed in the year 1152 when it was separated from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Christiania. At the time of the Protestant Reformation in Norway in 1536, the Archbishop and the bishops were removed and the Diocese of Hamar once again came under the Diocese of Christiania within the new Lutheran Church of Norway. Mogens Lauritsson was the last Roman Catholic bishop of the Ancient Diocese of Hamar.

In 1864, the Lutheran Diocese of Hamar was established when it was separated from the Diocese of Christiania. Halvor Olsen Folkestad was the first bishop of this new Diocese of Hamar. The Hamar Cathedral was consecrated on 15 December 1866 and it was established as the seat of the new Diocese of Hamar.[3][4] On 1 January 2022, the churches in Jevnaker municipality were transferred to the Ringsaker prosti in the Diocese of Tunsberg.[5]


The Diocese of Hamar is divided into ten deaneries (Norwegian: Prosti) spread out over Innlandet and Viken counties. Each deanery corresponds a geographical area, usually one or more municipalities within the diocese. Each municipality is further divided into one or more parishes which each contain one or more congregations.

Deanery (prosti)MunicipalitiesCountyLocation
Hamar domprostiHamar, Løten, StangeInnlandet
Ringsaker prostiRingsaker
Solør, Vinger og Odal prostiKongsvinger, Eidskog, Sør-Odal, Nord-Odal, Grue, Åsnes, Våler
Sør-Østerdal prostiÅmot, Elverum, Trysil, Engerdal, Stor-Elvdal
Nord-Østerdal prostiTynset, Alvdal, Folldal, Rendalen, Tolga, Os
Nord-Gudbrandsdal prostiDovre, Lesja, Lom, Nord-Fron, Sel, Skjåk, Vågå
Sør-Gudbrandsdal prostiGausdal, Lillehammer, Ringebu, Sør-Fron, Øyer
Toten prostiGjøvik, Østre Toten, Vestre Toten
Valdres prostiSør-Aurdal, Nord-Aurdal, Etnedal, Øystre Slidre, Vestre Slidre, Vang
Hadeland og Land prostiGran, Søndre Land, Nordre Land
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List of bishops

The following bishops have led the diocese since its creation in 1864:


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