Lyngør Lighthouse

Lyngør Lighthouse (Norwegian: Lyngør fyr) is a coastal lighthouse located on the island of Kjeholmen in the Lyngør area in the municipality of Tvedestrand in Agder county, Norway. The lighthouse was established in 1879, and was listed as a protected site in 1997. It was automated in 2004, so no one is stationed there any longer.[1][2]

Lyngør Lighthouse
Lyngør fyr
View of the lighthouse
LocationAgder, Norway
Coordinates58.6359°N 09.1483°E / 58.6359; 09.1483
ConstructionConcrete tower
Height16.9 metres (55 ft)
ShapeSquare tower
MarkingsWhite with red top
OperatorNorsk Fyrhistorisk Forening
Heritagecultural property, heritage site in Norway 
Fog signalNone
Focal height21.3 metres (70 ft)
Lens3rd order Fresnel lens
Intensity59,100 cd (fixed)
616,500 cd (flash)
Range14 nmi (26 km; 16 mi)
CharacteristicFFl W 60s
Norway no.056600


The 16.9-metre (55 ft) tall lighthouse is a white, square, concrete tower with a red top that is attached to a 2+12-story keeper's house. The light sits at an elevation of 21.3 metres (70 ft) above sea level and it emits a continuous white light with a brighter flash once every 60 seconds. The light has an original 3rd order Fresnel lens on the original rotating mechanism and it shines at an intensity of 59,100 candela and the flash shines at an intensity of 616,500 candela. The light can be seen from all directions for up to 14 nautical miles (26 km; 16 mi). The facility is only accessible by boat, but the site is open to the public, and the keeper's house and tower are open as well, in fact, the building can be rented out for overnight accommodations.[3][4]

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