Omar Al-Muqbil

Omar Al-Muqbil (born; ) (عمر المقبل) is a Saudi Arabian Islamic scholar, writer, researcher, preacher and professor of Islamic law at Qassim University. An alumnus of Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University and Qassim University.[1] He studied under the Muhammad ibn al Uthaymeen, Abd al-Aziz ibn Baz and Yahya Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Yahya.[2]

Portrait of Omar Al-Muqbil

Omar bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Saleh was born in 1972 in Al Mithnab.


In September 2019 he was imprisoned after criticizing the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) in a video in which he said that the GEA is “erasing the original identity of society”.[3][4]

Literary works

Dr. Omar Al-Muqbil has authored a number of books and publications.[5] including:

  • Al Muqbil, Omar. انتشار الأحاديث الضعيفة في وسائل الاتصال المعاصرة، الأسباب، المظاهر، العلاج، دراسة تطبيقية على الجوال والإنترنت [The spread of weak hadiths in contemporary means of communication, causes, manifestations, treatment, an applied study on mobile and the Internet] (in Arabic).
  • Al-Muqbil, Omar. الأحاديث الواردة في اسم المحسن [The hadiths mentioned in the name of Muhsin] (in Arabic).
  • Al-Muqbil, Omar. الجمود على ظاهر لفظ الحديث النبوي:‏ ‏دراسة نقدية [The stagnation on the apparent meaning of the Prophetic hadith: A critical study] (in Arabic). College of Sharia - Qassim University.


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