Qaf (surah)

Qaf (Arabic: ق, the letter qāf), is the 50th chapter (sūrah) of the Qur'an with 45 verses (āyāt). The name is taken from the single discrete Quranic "mysterious letter" qāf that opens the chapter. It is the beginning of the Hizb al-Mufassal, the seventh and the last portion (manzil). Concepts which "Qaf" deals with the Resurrection and the Day of Judgement.

Sura 50 of the Quran
PositionJuzʼ 26
No. of Rukus3
No. of verses45
No. of words373
No. of letters1507
Opening muqaṭṭaʻātQāf ق


  • 1 K.[1] The letter qāf [2]
  • 2-3 The unbelievers wonder at the doctrine of the resurrection
  • 4-5 Talks about the resurrection rasing up to Allah and effect of disbelief in Truth
  • 6-11 God’s works a proof of his power to raise the dead
  • 12-14 The Quraish warned by the fate of other nations who rejected their prophets
  • 15 God not so exhausted by the creation that he cannot raise the dead [3]
  • 16 God is nearer to man than his jugular vein [4] [3]
  • 17-18 Angels record all human thoughts and actions
  • 19-20 Death and judgment shall overtake all men
  • 21-22 The testimony of the two angels shall condemn the unbelievers
  • 24-26 God shall cast the wicked into hell
  • 27-29 The devils shall disclaim the idolaters in hell and the hell shall be filled with the wicked
  • 30 God says to Hell-fire whether Hellfire has been filled fully.
  • 31-35 Paradise shall receive the true believers
  • 36-37 Former generations destroyed as a warning to the people of Makkah
  • 38 The heavens and the earth created in six days
  • 39-40 Muhammad exhorted to patience with unbelievers
  • 41-44 Events at Day of Resurrection and proof of Allah's ability to create and cause anything (especially, humans) to die
  • 45 Muhammad not sent to compel men to believe, but only to warn them

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