Free Pascal package guidelines

This page explains on how to write PKGBUILDs for software built with the Free Pascal Compiler (FPC). Compiling for x86_64 Arch Linux requires the fpc package.

Arch package guidelines

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Free Pascal

Package naming

The project name alone is usually sufficient. However, in the case of cross-compiling, the package should be prefixed with fpc32- when targetting i686 Linux from multilib and named in the format of fpc-cpu-system-pkgname when targetting non-Arch Linux systems.

Helpful snippets

Determine FPC's version and the CPU and OS of the units to output:

_unitdir=`fpc -iSP`-`fpc -iSO`
_fpcver=`fpc -iV`


Please adhere to the following when making an FPC-based package:

  • always add fpc to either makedepends or depends
  • always put all compiled units (*.a, *.compiled, *.o, *.ppu, *.res, *.rsj) under /usr/lib/fpc/$_fpcver/units/$arch-linux
  • add staticlibs to options if installing an import library

Cross compiling

  • always add the corresponding cross compiler package mentioned above (fpc-cpu-system-rtl) to depends
  • always add !strip to options for non-Unix-based systems
  • always put all compiled units (*.a, *.compiled, *.o, *.ppu, *.res, *.rsj) under (or if multilib, )
  • always use ( if multilib) as the architecture
  • add staticlibs to options if installing an import library
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