Stephane Rolland


Author of the PL XYZ (name is still to be defined, also I'm extremely late compared to what I was expecting, and there's still a lot of work).

At marathon my time is 5:30, that's far from a world record. I plan longer trails (60 km seems feasible for now); after I have made public the version 0.0 of the language.

Favourite Techs: Haskell, C++20, Python 3, PostgreSQL, Nix language and NixOs Linux + Gnome, Bash/Zsh/Perl.

I edit my with code with Vim/NeoVim, and a pinch of Emacs.

Author-Composer: Publicly released music

Photography/Graphical Arts: Abstract Photography , Pinterests Boards

Machine Learning: kaggle AI competitions

Interests: Language Design, Category and Type Theory, Linear logic, Artificial Intelligence, Design Patterns, Lambda Calculus, Pi Calculus, Pattern Calculus, Digital Signal Processing, Test Driven Development, Software Craftsmanship, Web Design

Everyday experience: C++, Python, Haskell, Bash

Practicing: Assembly, Perl, Prolog, R, Erlang, Elixir

Used: C, C#, Xml, Regex, Sql, Javascript, Win32, Mfc, Com/Atl, Stl, Design Patterns, MsXml, Wpf, C++/Cli, Html, Java, Soap, Sql Server, Http, Boost C++, Xaml, Xslt, Xschema, Xpath, Bash, Powershell, VB/VisualBasic

Practiced: Cython/CPython, Machine Learning, Scikit-Learn, Elm, F#, AngularJS, jQuery, Html5, Css, Svg, Web Audio Api, Underscore.js, Node.js, Octave

Distant memories of: Oz/ML, Pict and Nomadic Pict

Wish to learn: Agda, Idris, Coq, Rebol/Red Language

Love: English, Deutsch, Español, French (native speaker), Esperanto (though I no longer practice since at least 10 years, this language is really beautiful)

Currently learning: Nederlands+Vlaams, Português, Italiano, Polski

Long paused Learning: 中文 (Chinese), 日本語 (Japanese)

Wish to learn (one day... if possible, or at least some basics elements for calligraphy): Dansk, Svenska, Íslenska, Korean, Arabic, Mongolian, Russian, Sanskrit, and a bit of Tibetan... let's see.

Zulu, Afrikaans, Swahili, and Indonesian and Malaysian would be nice addition. But that starts to be really a lot ;-)