Mike Walsh


Hey! I'm Mike Walsh. I run a SQL Server consultancy called Straight Path Solutions. We are SQL Server (well really, Microsoft data platform, doing a cloud Platform as a Service projects lately and speaking about that topic more and more). We help folks with short-term "get out of trouble" engagements, but we really love doing our comprehensive SQL Server Health Checks and jumping into a longer-term managed service relationship we call FlexDBA.

For some reason, Microsoft has recognized me as an MVP 8 times since April of 2011 in the Data Platform space.

When I'm not consulting with a client or growing our boutique database managed services firm, I speak at small and big events about SQL Server and data, I blog about SQL Server in various forums. I also Spend time with my wife and our four children on our little 20 acre farm in NH tending the animals and enjoying a sort of rustic and simple "outside of work and conferences" life.

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