I need help setting up a second level subdomain. I have set up wildcard subdomains in the past with success, but I am having trouble with the DNS entry for this one. I need to do something like


So I tried to create an A record with *.design in it but that failed. Is this possible?

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    "It failed" is not a proper problem report. What exactly did you do (show the actual file) and what happened exactly? – bortzmeyer Jun 23 '09 at 08:48
  • Sorry. What I meant by "failed" is I would do a dnsstuff report on the design.mydomain.com and that would come back fine, then I ran a report on user.design.mydomain.com and that did not come back with any results. – easyappl Jun 24 '09 at 12:56
  • DNSstuff is a poor way to test a domain. The best tool is dig and, if you want a report from another site, use http://www.zonecheck.fr/ "It did not come back with any results" is clearly not enough information to help you. – bortzmeyer Jun 24 '09 at 18:18

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yes you can do this, you basically need a record (bind format)

*.design.mydomain.com. 3600 IN A x.x.x.x

or in djbdns format:

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You did not indicate the name server you use. With BIND or NSD, which both use the RFC 1035 format for zone files, this should work:

*.design    IN   A
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I believe the entry in our BIND config looked something like the following....

hostname               A    IPADDRESSHERE 
$ORIGIN hostname.domain.com.
*                      A    IPADDRESSHERE 
$ORIGIN domain.com.

We did this in the same zone and it worked just fine for us.

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  • The $ORIGIN is not necessary, you can just use relative or absolute names. – bortzmeyer Jun 23 '09 at 08:49
  • I have been doing all our subdomains and MX records this way because of an issue we had when setting up Google Apps. Google would not validate our account unless I stuck them between ORIGIN calls. I have no explanation for it. I understand BIND administration enough to get it done without a lot of trouble, but I wouldn't consider myself an expert. – J.Zimmerman Jun 27 '09 at 07:14