Before I die, I wish to see everyone enabled to do what they love, share their love with the entire world, and live well. This is a big calling, and I'm chipping away at it steadily.

This has worked well for me so far; for several years I was the most active Open-Source developer in Australia and one of the most prolific in the world; my technical projects have been used in some of the world's biggest web-sites/apps (Basecamp, Spotify, Ustream) and by some of the world's biggest companies (Microsoft, Adobe, GitHub, Atlassian), touching their millions of users; my non-technical projects have also seen adoption over the years.

The key skill set I've used to accomplish this is my natural ability to quickly understand complex systems and simplify them in disruptive ways, a burning need to do good in the world, and an instinctive tenacity for always finding a way even in the most difficult of situations.