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What is a Data Transfer Object (DTO)?

In MVC are the model classes DTO? If not, what are the differences and do we need both?
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Why are data transfer objects (DTOs) an anti-pattern?

I've recently overheard people saying that data transfer objects (DTOs) are an anti-pattern. Why? What are the alternatives?
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Why should I isolate my domain entities from my presentation layer?

One part of domain-driven design that there doesn't seem to be a lot of detail on, is how and why you should isolate your domain model from your interface. I'm trying to convince my colleagues that this is a good practice, but I don't seem to be…
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Java data transfer object naming convention?

Given this scenario where you have "transfer objects" (POJO's with just getters/setters) which are passed by a client library to your API, what is the best way to name the transfer objects? package com.x.core; public class Car { private…
Marcus Leon
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Difference between Transfer objects and Domain objects

Could you please explain the difference between Transfer objects and Domain objects in simple terms ? And if u could give a Java example, that would be great..
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DTO or Domain Model Object in the View Layer?

I know this is probably an age-old question, but what is the better practice? Using a domain model object throughout all layers of your application, and even binding values directly to them on the JSP (I'm using JSF). Or convert a domain model…
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What is a DTO and BO? What is the difference?

I know DTO is a data transfer object and a BO is a business object. But, what does it actually mean? When should I choose one over the other? From, what I understand DTO is just used to transfer data and doesn't have business logic. Does this mean…
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what is a good pattern for converting between hibernate entities and data transfer objects?

I have had similar questions and concerns as to how to convert between Hibernate entities and data transfer objects to be returned by a web service as are discussed in this question: Is using data transfer objects in ejb3 considered best…
D Parsin
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Is a Data Transfer Object the same as a Value Object?

Is a Data Transfer Object the same as a Value Object or are they different? If they are different then where should we use a DTO and where should we use a VO? The programming language we are talking about is Java and the context is - there is a web…
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How to add a file into an already existing dataTransfer object using Javascript

Assumption: A local HTML/Javascript webpage that has access to file:// At the start of a drag on a draggable HTML element, in the event handler function dragStart(e), how do I add a File object so that it is recognized as a file and ends up in the…
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What is the purpose of a Data Transfer Object in NestJS?

Im struggling with a problem. Im following the documentation of NestJS. The back-end framework for NodeJS. The documentation mentions a DTO (Data Transfer Object). I created a DTO for creating a user: export class CreateUserDto { readonly email:…
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How much business logic should Value objects contain?

One mentor I respect suggests that a simple bean is a waste of time - that value objects 'MUST' contain some business logic to be useful. Another says such code is difficult to maintain and that all business logic must be externalized. I realize…
Vivek Kodira
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Can DTO's have nested DTO's?

I have the following domain model: public class Playlist { public long Id { get; set; } public string Title { get; set; } public virtual ICollection Songs { get; set; } } public class Song { public long Id { get; set; } …
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Why do transfer objects need to implement Serializable?

I realized today that I have blindly just followed this requirement for years without ever really asking why. Today, I ran across a NotSerializableException with a model object I created from scratch and I realized enough is enough. I was told this…
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Javascript DataTransfer items not persisting through async calls

I am using Vuejs along with DataTransfer to upload files asynchronously, and I want to allow multiple files to be dragged and dropped for upload at once. I can get the first upload to happen, but by the time that upload is done, Javascript has…
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