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Eclipse is an open source IDE and platform for building applications. There is a wide variety of plugins for various programming languages and other development-oriented tools (such as modeling, database browsing, etc.). This tag should only be used for questions specifically about the Eclipse IDE or platform, not for generalized (Java, etc.) programming topics.

Eclipse IDE is an open-source IDE platform written mostly in Java and primarily used for Java development through the use of the Java Development Tools (JDT) plug-ins. It is notable for its rich ecosystem of free and commercial plugins and that it is predominantly itself composed of plug-ins.

Eclipse IDE is built on an OSGI implementation called Equinox; the same OSGI-based framework is used for managing its plug-ins at runtime. Eclipse can also be used as a development environment for non-IDE GUI applications, leveraging many of the same plug-ins as the IDE to form a more general Rich Client Platform, called Eclipse RCP.

For C/C++ development, the Eclipse CDT Project provides plug-ins to create a C/C++ development environment within Eclipse IDE.

The Eclipse Web Tools Platform project supplies plug-ins for developing Open web standards-based and Java web applications, and frameworks for building higher-level web tools.

For PHP development, the Eclipse PDT Project provides a plugin to create a PHP development environment within Eclipse IDE, building on features of the Web Tools Platform. The popular commercial Zend Studio is also based on Eclipse IDE.

For Python development, PyDev provides plug-ins, called PyDev, to create a Python development environment within Eclipse IDE.

For Perl development, the EPIC project provides a plugin to create a Perl development environment within Eclipse IDE.

Note that Google has ceased developing the Android Development Tools in favor of another solution.

When combined with Cygwin (or MinGW), Mono, and its many plugins, Eclipse IDE provides a crucial part of viable open-source alternatives to using Microsoft Visual-Studio as a Windows software development platform in Windows, whilst also including comprehensive native support for Java.

Download the latest version of Eclipse IDE from
Download site for the Eclipse Platform project itself, including the core runtime and SDK
Eclipse Marketplace featuring Plug-ins, Bundles and Products

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Within the Stack Overflow community, Eclipse is synonymous with the Java IDE, but that does not mean questions about Java are questions about the IDE.

Consider what changes your question would require if you were using vi to edit and ant to build; if your question would remain unchanged, then it is not an Eclipse question, so you should not give your question the tag. Use the tag instead.

Initial release Eclipse (1.0 - 7 November 2001)

Latest Version: Eclipse 2023-06 (4.28 - 14 June 2023)

If you suspect your issue is version specific, list the version in your question.

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Eclipse/Java code completion not working

I've downloaded, unzipped and setup Eclipse 3.4.2 with some plugins (noteable, EPIC, Clearcase, QuantumDB, MisterQ). Now I find when I'm editing Java projects the code completion is not working. If I type String. and press ctrl+space a popup shows…
Robert Brown
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What are the pros and cons of the SVN plugins for Eclipse, Subclipse and Subversive?

SVN in Eclipse is spread into two camps. The SVN people have developed a plugin called Subclipse. The Eclipse people have a plugin called Subversive. Broadly speaking they both do the same things. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
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Update Eclipse with Android development tools v. 23

I updated Eclipse with the new SDK tools (rev. 23), but now when Eclipse starts I receive the error: This Android SDK requires Android Developer Toolkit version 23.0.0 or above. Current version is 22.6.3.v201404151837-1123206. Please update ADT to…
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Eclipse: Set maximum line length for auto formatting?

I am working with Java. If I hit Ctrl+Shift+F in Eclipse Helios, it will auto format my code. At a certain point, it wraps lines. I would like to increase the maximum line length. How can I do this?
Nick Heiner
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Is there a way to collapse all code blocks in Eclipse?

Eclipse has that "+/-" on the left to expand and collapse blocks of code. I've got tens of thousands of lines to go through and would really like to just collapse everything, and selectively expand blocks to look at them.
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Java equivalent to #region in C#

I want to use regions for code folding in Eclipse; how can that be done in Java? An example usage in C#: #region name //code #endregion
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How can I get Eclipse to show .* files?

By default, Eclipse won't show my .htaccess file that I maintain in my project. It just shows an empty folder in the Package Viewer tree. How can I get it to show up? No obvious preferences.
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Possible heap pollution via varargs parameter

I understand this occurs with Java 7 when using varargs with a generic type; But my question is.. What exactly does Eclipse mean when it says "its use could potentially pollute the heap?" And How does the new @SafeVarargs annotation prevent this?
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How to turn off the Eclipse code formatter for certain sections of Java code?

I've got some Java code with SQL statements written as Java strings (please no OR/M flamewars, the embedded SQL is what it is - not my decision). I've broken the SQL statements semantically into several concatenated strings over several lines of…
Greg Mattes
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Seeking useful Eclipse Java code templates

You can create various Java code templates in Eclipse via Window > Preferences > Java > Editor > Templates e.g. sysout is expanded to: System.out.println(${word_selection}${});${cursor} You can activate this by typing sysout followed by…
Jonathan Holloway
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How to change font size in Eclipse for Java text editors?

I have just tried to change my font size in Eclipse 3.6.0 in the following way: General → Appearance → Colors and Fonts → Java Editor text font However, the font size only changed in the file I had open. How can I change the font size for all Java…
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Android Min SDK Version vs. Target SDK Version

When it comes to developing applications for Android, what is the difference between Min and Target SDK version? Eclipse won't let me create a new project unless Min and Target versions are the same!
Michael Novello
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No appenders could be found for logger(log4j)?

I have put log4j to my buildpath, but I get the following message when I run my application: log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (dao.hsqlmanager). log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly. log4j:WARN See…
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The superclass "javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet" was not found on the Java Build Path

I have a project created by Maven integration in Eclipse. All work fine, but in the work space in all JSP files have this: The superclass "javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet" was not found on the Java Build Path To the first string where place: <%@…
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How to auto-format code in Eclipse?

How do you auto-format code in Eclipse?
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