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IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) are computer programs that facilitate efficient software development by providing features beyond those of a simple text editor.

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a computer program that facilitates by providing features beyond that of a simple text editor. Some typical IDE features are debugger/ support, tools/support, design tools and even performance analysis tools.

An IDE is intended to maximize a developer/programmer's productivity by providing a streamlined interface tuned to the task of software development. A modern full-featured IDE includes advanced features such as preemptive hints (when typing the first character of a variable name, for example), and tools to analyze the program at run-time (such as a debugger).

List of Some Free IDEs

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Which @NotNull Java annotation should I use?

I'm looking to make my code more readable as well as use tooling like IDE code inspection and/or static code analysis (FindBugs and Sonar) to avoid NullPointerExceptions. Many of the tools seem incompatible with each others'…
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What IDE to use for Python?

What IDEs ("GUIs/editors") do others use for Python coding?
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What is the shortcut to Auto import all in Android Studio?

Is there any way of auto importing in Android Studio. Something like the auto-import feature that Eclipse has when you use the keybinding: SHIFT + CTRL + O in Android Studio? Currently I have only found CTRL + ALT + O, which ask each individual…
Michał Tajchert
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How do I "Add Existing Item" an entire directory structure in Visual Studio?

I have a free standing set of files not affiliated with any C# project at all that reside in a complicated nested directory structure. I want to add them in that format to a different directory in an ASP.NET web application I am working on; while…
Ian Patrick Hughes
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How do I completely rename an Xcode project (i.e. inclusive of folders)?

I have a project named XXX. I want to rename this project to YYY. Note that XXX is an extremely common term (for e.g. "data", or simply "project"), and thus a simple RegEx search-and-replace is not possible, out of risk of corrupting the project…
Vatsal Manot
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IntelliJ show JavaDocs tooltip on mouse over

In Eclipse, when hovering over a method, variable, etc. a tooltip is displayed with the corresponding JavaDocs. Is there such a feature in IntelliJ?
Steve Kuo
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Eclipse/Java code completion not working

I've downloaded, unzipped and setup Eclipse 3.4.2 with some plugins (noteable, EPIC, Clearcase, QuantumDB, MisterQ). Now I find when I'm editing Java projects the code completion is not working. If I type String. and press ctrl+space a popup shows…
Robert Brown
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How to clear gradle cache?

I'm trying to use Android Studio, and the first time I boot it up, it takes like 45 MINUTES to compile... If I don't quit the application, it is okay - each subsequent compilation/running the app will take around 45 seconds. I've tried to check some…
David T.
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Eclipse: Set maximum line length for auto formatting?

I am working with Java. If I hit Ctrl+Shift+F in Eclipse Helios, it will auto format my code. At a certain point, it wraps lines. I would like to increase the maximum line length. How can I do this?
Nick Heiner
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Is there a way to collapse all code blocks in Eclipse?

Eclipse has that "+/-" on the left to expand and collapse blocks of code. I've got tens of thousands of lines to go through and would really like to just collapse everything, and selectively expand blocks to look at them.
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Unresolved reference issue in PyCharm

I have a directory structure ├── ├── src │   ├── │   ├── ... And I can access the network module with sys.path.insert(). import sys import os.path sys.path.insert(0, "./src") from networkAlgorithm import…
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Seeking useful Eclipse Java code templates

You can create various Java code templates in Eclipse via Window > Preferences > Java > Editor > Templates e.g. sysout is expanded to: System.out.println(${word_selection}${});${cursor} You can activate this by typing sysout followed by…
Jonathan Holloway
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How to see JavaDoc in IntelliJ IDEA?

I just switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ. IntelliJ lacks one feature from Eclipse - when you put your mouse over a method, Eclipse shows javadoc info. I think the way to show it is to use a shortcut - command+J, but when I click it, I get…
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PHPDoc type hinting for array of objects?

So, in PHPDoc one can specify @var above the member variable declaration to hint at its type. Then an IDE, for ex. PHPEd, will know what type of object it's working with and will be able to provide a code insight for that variable.
Artem Russakovskii
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How can I view the Git history in Visual Studio Code?

I can execute various Git commands from Visual Studio Code, however I couldn't find a way to visualize the history.
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