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The git-flow workflow defines a strict branching model designed around a project release. It provides a robust framework for managing larger projects. Use this tag for help with applying git-flow to your workflow, or for help with the supporting scripts (either the original scripts or the AVH Edition).

A workflow and a series of scripts for tagging and branching a development project that uses the Git distributed version control system.

The original scripts have not been updated since 2012. An updated fork of the scripts is git-flow AVH Edition, maintained by Peter van der Does.

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Create a branch in Git from another branch

I have two branches: master and dev I want to create a "feature branch" from the dev branch. Currently on the branch dev, I do: git checkout -b myfeature dev ... (some work) git commit -am "blablabla" git push origin myfeature But, after…
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Git merge hotfix branch into feature branch

Let’s say we have the following situation in Git: A created repository: mkdir GitTest2 cd GitTest2 git init Some modifications in the master take place and get committed: echo "On Master" > file git commit -a -m "Initial commit" Feature1 branched…
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Git branching strategy integated with testing/QA process

Our development team has been using the GitFlow branching strategy and it has been great ! Recently we recruited a couple testers to improve our software quality. The idea is that every feature should be tested/QA by a tester. In the past,…
David Lin
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Git flow release branches and tags - with or without "v" prefix

I have seen multiple contradicting definitions on various git flow related websites. Is there an official recommendation or single source of truth? Branches: release-1.2.3 or release-v1.2.3 Tags: 1.2.3 or v1.2.3
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What are the pros and cons of git-flow vs github-flow?

We have recently started to use GitLab. Currently using a "centralized" workflow. We are considering moving to the github-flow but I want to make sure. What are the pros and cons of git-flow vs github-flow?
Paul McKenzie
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Following git-flow how should you handle a hotfix of an earlier release?

If you try to follow the git-flow branching model, documented here and with tools here, how should you handle this situation: You have made a 1.0 release and a 2.0 release. Then you need to make a hotfix for 1.0. You create a hotfix branch off the…
Klas Mellbourn
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Is there a command to undo git flow init?

After git flow init, how to remove the git flow model? How do I remove all related config from the .git/config file? $ git flow init # force reset $ git flow init -f How to remove below content from the .git/config file? [gitflow "branch"] …
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Git-flow and master with multiple parallel release-branches

We are trying to adopt the successful Git branching model implemented by git-flow. Now, we are working on at least two release-branches, one for the latest stable release and one for the next ("preview") release. What I don't understand is why all…
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Git flow - create feature branch off another feature branch

I having been using git flow for a while now. I am curious to learn about a specific use case. For one of my projects I have a ticket for a new website feature. This ticket depends on many sub-tasks. I would like to create a feature branch for the…
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Trying to understand what Travis CI does and when it should be used

I am very new to Git and I am planning to contribute to some open-source project on GitHub after discovering a small error in it. Upon forking it and fixing the error, I purposed a pull request and I noticed this showing up: Failed — The Travis…
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Sourcetree - upgraded to latest version, git-flow missing

Hey I just updated Sourcetree on my mac to the latest version (2.2). Where did git-flow go? And how do I re-enable this functionality? I just lost myself without it!
Ryan Kempe
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Managing hotfixes when develop branch is very different from master?

I'm using the "Git Flow" branching model, with a master branch and a develop branch. I'm working on a major new release, so my develop branch is wildly different from my master branch. This creates a problem anytime I need to make a hotfix on the…
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git flow branches have diverged

I'm using the git flow tools and I've gotten myself in a bit of problem. My git branches have diverged. I've read master branch and 'origin/master' have diverged, how to 'undiverge' branches'? and have tried to follow the steps, both attempting to…
Paul Cezanne
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Is there a command to undo git-flow feature start?

I'm inexperienced with git-flow. Is there a command to undo git-flow feature start?
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Gitflow feature vs bugfix branch naming

While using Gitflow, what is the reason for separating branch naming to feature vs bugfix vs hotfix? I.e. why not just, for example, instead of: feature/ bugfix/ hotfix/ Just do: change/ What does separating by feature/bugfix/hotfix buy?
Pavel Chernikov
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