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`git rm` is a Git command used to remove files from the working tree and from the index. Use this tag for all posts related to the usage of this command.

git rm is a Git command used to remove files from the working tree and from the index. In particular, it allows to actually start ignoring the files, listed in .gitignore.

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How do I make Git forget about a file that was tracked, but is now in .gitignore?

I put a file that was previously being tracked by Git onto the .gitignore list. However, the file still shows up in git status after it is edited. How do I force Git to completely forget the file?
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Remove a file from a Git repository without deleting it from the local filesystem

I want to remove a file from my repository. git rm file_to_remove.txt will remove the file from the repository, but it will also remove the file from the local file system. How do I remove this file from the repo without deleting my local copy of…
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Ignore files that have already been committed to a Git repository

I have an already initialized Git repository that I added a .gitignore file to. How can I refresh the file index so the files I want ignored get ignored?
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How do I delete a file from a Git repository?

How can I delete "file1.txt" from my repository?
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Why there are two ways to unstage a file in Git?

Sometimes git suggests git rm --cached to unstage a file, sometimes git reset HEAD file. When should I use which? D:\code\gt2>git init Initialized empty Git repository in D:/code/gt2/.git/ D:\code\gt2>touch a D:\code\gt2>git status # On branch…
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Removing multiple files from a Git repo that have already been deleted from disk

I have a Git repo that I have deleted four files from using rm (not git rm), and my Git status looks like this: # deleted: file1.txt # deleted: file2.txt # deleted: file3.txt # deleted: file4.txt How do I remove these files…
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Remove a folder from git tracking

I need to exclude a folder (name uploads) from tracking. I tried to run git rm -r --cached wordpress/wp-content/uploads and after that I added the path to .gitignore /wordpress/wp-content/uploads but when I ran git status they show up as deleted.…
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Staging Deleted files

Say I have a file in my git repository called foo. Suppose it has been deleted with rm (not git rm). Then git status will show: Changes not staged for commit: deleted: foo How do I stage this individual file deletion? If I try: git add…
Andrew Tomazos
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Remove file from the repository but keep it locally

I have a folder which I'd like to remove in my remote repository. I'd like to delete it, but keep the folder in my computer
Rodrigo Souza
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How to revert a "git rm -r ."?

I accidentely said git rm -r .. How do I recover from this? I did not commit. I think all files were marked for deletion and were also physically removed from my local checkout. EDIT: I could (if I knew the command) revert to the last commit. But it…
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Git: list only "untracked" files (also, custom commands)

Is there a way to use a command like git ls-files to show only untracked files? The reason I'm asking is because I use the following command to process all deleted files: git ls-files -d | xargs git rm I'd like something similar for untracked…
We Are All Monica
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How do you fix a bad merge, and replay your good commits onto a fixed merge?

I accidentally committed an unwanted file (filename.orig while resolving a merge) to my repository several commits ago, without me noticing it until now. I want to completely delete the file from the repository history. Is it possible to rewrite…
Grant Limberg
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How do I git rm a file without deleting it from disk?

The command removes the file in my system. I meant it to remove only the file from Git-repository. How can I remove the file from a Git repository, without removing the file in my system?
Léo Léopold Hertz 준영
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Git add all files modified, deleted, and untracked?

Is there a way to add all files no matter what you do to them whether it be deleted, untracked, etc? like for a commit. I just don't want to have to git add or git rm all my files every time I commit, especially when I'm working on a large product.
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How to remove multiple deleted files in Git repository

I have deleted some files and git status shows as below. I have committed and pushed. GitHub still shows the deleted files in the repository. How can I delete files in the GitHub repository? # On branch master # Changes not staged for commit: # …
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