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Means Plain Old CLR Object, a simple object that does not follow any object model, convention or framework. For questions about the POCO C++ library, please use [poco-libraries].

Means Plain Old CLR Object, a simple object that does not follow any object model, convention or framework. For questions about the POCO C++ library (, please use [poco-libraries].

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Code-first vs Model/Database-first

What are the pros & cons of using Entity Framework 4.1 Code-first over Model/Database-first with EDMX diagram? I'm trying to fully understand all the approaches to building data access layer using EF 4.1. I'm using Repository pattern and IoC. I know…
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Plain Old CLR Object vs Data Transfer Object

POCO = Plain Old CLR (or better: Class) Object DTO = Data Transfer Object In this post there is a difference, but frankly most of the blogs I read describe POCO in the way DTO is defined: DTOs are simple data containers used for moving data between…
Patrick Peters
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'POCO' definition

Can someone define what exactly 'POCO' means? I am encountering the term more and more often, and I'm wondering if it is only about plain classes or it means something more?
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Entity Framework 4 / POCO - Where to start?

I've been programming for a while and have used LINQ-To-SQL and LINQ-To-Entities before (although when using entities it has been on a Entity/Table 1-1 relationship - ie not much different than L2SQL) I've been doing a lot of reading about Inversion…
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Update relationships when saving changes of EF4 POCO objects

Entity Framework 4, POCO objects and ASP.Net MVC2. I have a many to many relationship, lets say between BlogPost and Tag entities. This means that in my T4 generated POCO BlogPost class I have: public virtual ICollection Tags { // getter…
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Code First: Independent associations vs. Foreign key associations?

I have a mental debate with myself every time I start working on a new project and I am designing my POCOs. I have seen many tutorials/code samples that seem to favor foreign key associations: Foreign key association public class Order { public…
Daniel Liuzzi
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What is POCO in Entity Framework?

I just started learning POCO but I cannot understand the usage and advantage. Even the following link of StackOverflow did not help me. what is Entity Framework with POCO Can anybody explain the usage of POCO with a simple example?
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What does POCO mean?

I have seen many articles about POCO. What is this?
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Using JsonConvert.DeserializeObject to deserialize Json to a C# POCO class

Here is my simple User POCO class: /// /// The User class represents a Coderwall User. /// public class User { /// /// A User's username. eg: "sergiotapia, mrkibbles, matumbo" /// public…
Only Bolivian Here
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What exactly is "persistence ignorance"?

Persistence ignorance is typically defined as the ability to persist & retrieve standard .NET objects (or POCOs if you really insist on giving them a name). And a seemingly well accepted definition of a standard .NET object is: "...ordinary classes…
Greg Beech
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Why is my Entity Framework Code First proxy collection null and why can't I set it?

I am using DBContext and have two classes whose properties are all virtual. I can see in the debugger that I am getting a proxy object when I query the context. However, a collection property is still null when I try to add to it. I thought that the…
Rob Kent
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Generate POCO classes in different project to the project with Entity Framework model

I'm trying to use the Repository Pattern with EF4 using VS2010. To this end I am using POCO code generation by right clicking on the entity model designer and clicking Add code generation item. I then select the POCO template and get my…
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Entity Framework loading child collection with sort order

I have two tables a parent and a child table. The child table has a column sortorder (a numeric value). Because of the missing support of the EF to persist a IList inclusive the sort order without exposing the sortorder (see: Entity Framework…
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Automapper : mapping issue with inheritance and abstract base class on collections with Entity Framework 4 Proxy Pocos

I am having an issue using AutoMapper (which is an excellent technology) to map a business object to a DTO where I have inheritance off of an abstract base class within a collection. Here are my objects: abstract class Payment class CashPayment :…
Ken Burkhardt
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how to manage _id field when using POCO with mongodb c# driver

If I want to read and write mongo data with a POCO public class Thingy { public string Foo {get;set;} } ... coll.Insert(new Thing(Foo = "hello")); When I read back I get a failure saying that _id is an unexpected attribute (which it is). So…
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