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Standards are officially published or well agreed upon formats, procedures, or protocols. They allow individuals or organizations to collaborate by setting ground rules or boundaries. Standards often come with a set of preconditions or assumptions, which allow collaborators to take those conditions or assumptions as ground truth.

The concept of "standard" is at least as old as the Roman Empire, where the standard was a rod of wood often decorated with a headpiece or banner and carried at the front of an army's march. This one rod was used to establish a common length for contructing camps and buildings. By using the same length, workers constructing a door could operate independently of other workers constructing a door frame. And when the pieces were brought together, they fit.

Modern standards are often created by jurisdiction-based entities like national standards organizations (like ANSI in the USA) or the International Standards Organization (ISO).

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What is the meaning of "POSIX"?

What is POSIX? I have read the Wikipedia article and I read it every time I encounter the term. The fact is that I never really understood what it is. Can anyone please explain it to me by explaining "the need for POSIX" too?
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What are the rules about using an underscore in a C++ identifier?

It's common in C++ to name member variables with some kind of prefix to denote the fact that they're member variables, rather than local variables or parameters. If you've come from an MFC background, you'll probably use m_foo. I've also seen myFoo…
Roger Lipscombe
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What are the new features in C++17?

C++17 is now feature complete, so unlikely to experience large changes. Hundreds of proposals were put forward for C++17. Which of those features were added to C++ in C++17? When using a C++ compiler that supports "C++1z", which of those features…
Yakk - Adam Nevraumont
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List of standard lengths for database fields

I'm designing a database table and asking myself this question: How long should the firstname field be? Does anyone have a list of reasonable lengths for the most common fields, such as first name, last name, and email address?
Patrick McElhaney
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Why aren't variable-length arrays part of the C++ standard?

I haven't used C very much in the last few years. When I read this question today I came across some C syntax which I wasn't familiar with. Apparently in C99 the following syntax is valid: void foo(int n) { int values[n]; //Declare a variable…
Andreas Brinck
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Where do I find the current C or C++ standard documents?

For many questions the answer seems to be found in "the standard". However, where do we find that? Preferably online. Googling can sometimes feel futile, again especially for the C standards, since they are drowned in the flood of discussions on…
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Coding Conventions - Naming Enums

Is there a convention for naming enumerations in Java? My preference is that an enum is a type. So, for instance, you have an enum Fruit{Apple,Orange,Banana,Pear, ... } NetworkConnectionType{LAN,Data_3g,Data_4g, ... } I am opposed to naming…
Walter White
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Are iframes considered 'bad practice'?

Somewhere along the line I picked up the notion that using iframes is 'bad practice'. Is this true? What are the pros/cons of using them?
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What's the difference between __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, __FUNCTION__, __func__?

What's the difference between __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, __FUNCTION__, __func__, and where are they documented? How do I decide which one to use?
Matt Joiner
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Does JSON syntax allow duplicate keys in an object?

Is this valid json? { "a" : "x", "a" : "y" } says yes. doesn't say anything about it being forbidden. But obviously it doesn't make much sense, does it? Most implementations probably use a hashtable…
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Can (domain name) subdomains have an underscore "_" in it?

Can subdomains (domain names) have underscore _ in them?
Daniel Kivatinos
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Can a CSV file have a comment?

Is there any official way to allow a CSV formatted file to allow comments, either on its own line OR at the end of a line? I tried checking wikipedia on this and also RFC 4180 but both do not mention anything which leads me to believe that it's not…
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Is an anchor tag without the href attribute safe?

Is it okay to use an anchor tag without including the href attribute, and instead using a JavaScript click event handler? So I would omit the href completely, not even have it empty (href="").
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How is the default submit button on an HTML form determined?

If a form is submitted but not by any specific button, such as by pressing Enter using HTMLFormElement.submit() in JS how is a browser supposed to determine which of multiple submit buttons, if any, to use as the one pressed? This is significant…
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Effects of the extern keyword on C functions

In C, I did not notice any effect of the extern keyword used before function declaration. At first, I thought that when defining extern int f(); in a single file forces you to implement it outside of the file's scope. However I found out that…
Elazar Leibovich
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