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Unicode is a standard for the encoding, representation and handling of text with the intention of supporting all the characters required for written text incorporating all writing systems, technical symbols and punctuation.


Unicode assigns each character a code point to act as a unique reference:

  • U+0041 A
  • U+0042 B
  • U+0043 C
  • ...
  • U+039B Λ
  • U+039C Μ

Unicode Transformation Formats

UTFs describe how to encode code points as byte representations. The most common forms are UTF-8 (which encodes code points as a sequence of one, two, three or four bytes) and UTF-16 (which encodes code points as two or four bytes).

Code Point          UTF-8           UTF-16 (big-endian)
U+0041              41              00 41
U+0042              42              00 42
U+0043              43              00 43
U+039B              CE 9B           03 9B
U+039C              CE 9C           03 9C


The Unicode Consortium also defines standards for sorting algorithms, rules for capitalization, character normalization and other locale-sensitive character operations.

Identifying Characters

For more general information, see the Unicode article on Wikipedia.

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What characters can be used for up/down triangle (arrow without stem) for display in HTML?

I'm looking for a HTML or ASCII character which is a triangle pointing up or down so that I can use it as a toggle switch. I found ↑ (↑), and ↓ (↓) - but those have a narrow stem. I'm looking just for the HTML arrow "head".
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What does the 'b' character do in front of a string literal?

Apparently, the following is the valid syntax: b'The string' I would like to know: What does this b character in front of the string mean? What are the effects of using it? What are appropriate situations to use it? I found a related question…
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What's the difference between utf8_general_ci and utf8_unicode_ci?

Between utf8_general_ci and utf8_unicode_ci, are there any differences in terms of performance?
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What's the difference between UTF-8 and UTF-8 with BOM?

What's different between UTF-8 and UTF-8 with BOM? Which is better?
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std::wstring VS std::string

I am not able to understand the differences between std::string and std::wstring. I know wstring supports wide characters such as Unicode characters. I have got the following questions: When should I use std::wstring over std::string? Can…
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Saving UTF-8 texts with json.dumps as UTF-8, not as a \u escape sequence

Sample code (in a REPL): import json json_string = json.dumps("ברי צקלה") print(json_string) Output: "\u05d1\u05e8\u05d9 \u05e6\u05e7\u05dc\u05d4" The problem: it's not human readable. My (smart) users want to verify or even edit text files with…
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What exactly do "u" and "r" string prefixes do, and what are raw string literals?

While asking this question, I realized I didn't know much about raw strings. For somebody claiming to be a Django trainer, this sucks. I know what an encoding is, and I know what u'' alone does since I get what is Unicode. But what does r'' do…
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MySQL: Get character-set of database or table or column?

What is the (default) charset for: MySQL database MySQL table MySQL column
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How does Zalgo text work?

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What is the difference between UTF-8 and Unicode?

I have heard conflicting opinions from people - according to the Wikipedia UTF-8 page. They are the same thing, aren't they? Can someone clarify?
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UnicodeDecodeError when reading CSV file in Pandas

I'm running a program which is processing 30,000 similar files. A random number of them are stopping and producing this error... File "C:\Importer\src\dfman\", line 26, in import_chr data = pd.read_csv(filepath, names=fields) File…
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