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A URL (Uniform Resource Locator), is a universal identifier on the web. A URL is a reference to a web resource at a specific location, and provides a means for retrieving that resource.

The syntax and parsing behavior for URLs is defined in the URL Living Standard web page - this is the current URL standard.

Basically URL has 3 parts:

  • the URL prefix, which specifies the protocol used to access the location
  • the server name or IP address of the server
  • the path to the directory or file(resource)


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How do I change the URI (URL) for a remote Git repository?

I have a repo (origin) on a USB key that I cloned on my hard drive (local). I moved "origin" to a NAS and successfully tested cloning it from here. I would like to know if I can change the URI of "origin" in the settings of "local" so it will now…
Bite code
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What is the maximum length of a URL in different browsers?

What is the maximum length of a URL for each browser? Is a maximum URL length part of the HTTP specification?
Sander Versluys
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What is the difference between a URI, a URL, and a URN?

What is the difference between a URL, a URI, and a URN?
Sean McMains
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Get the current URL with JavaScript?

All I want is to get the website URL. Not the URL as taken from a link. On the page loading I need to be able to grab the full, current URL of the website and set it as a variable to do with as I please.
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How do I modify the URL without reloading the page?

Is there a way I can modify the URL of the current page without reloading the page? I would like to access the portion before the # hash if possible. I only need to change the portion after the domain, so it's not like I'm violating cross-domain…
Robin Rodricks
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Encode URL in JavaScript

How do you safely encode a URL using JavaScript such that it can be put into a GET string? var myUrl = ""; var myOtherUrl = "" + myUrl; I assume that you need to…
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How can I get query string values in JavaScript?

Is there a plugin-less way of retrieving query string values via jQuery (or without)? If so, how? If not, is there a plugin which can do so?
Subliminal Hash
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How to lazy load images in ListView in Android

I am using a ListView to display some images and captions associated with those images. I am getting the images from the Internet. Is there a way to lazy load images so while the text displays, the UI is not blocked and images are displayed as they…
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Get current URL with jQuery?

I am using jQuery. How do I get the path of the current URL and assign it to a variable? Example URL: http://localhost/
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Get the values from the "GET" parameters (JavaScript)

I have a URL with some GET parameters as follows: I need to get the whole value of c. I tried to read the URL, but I got only m2. How do I do this using JavaScript?
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How can I open a URL in Android's web browser from my application?

How to open an URL from code in the built-in web browser rather than within my application? I tried this: try { Intent myIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(download_link)); startActivity(myIntent); } catch…
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Path.Combine for URLs?

Path.Combine is handy, but is there a similar function in the .NET framework for URLs? I'm looking for syntax like this: Url.Combine("", "/Images/Image.jpg") which would return: ""
Brian MacKay
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React-router URLs don't work when refreshing or writing manually

I'm using React-router and it works fine while I'm clicking on link buttons, but when I refresh my webpage it does not load what I want. For instance, I am in localhost/joblist and everything is fine because I arrived here pressing a link. But if I…
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How do I get the current absolute URL in Ruby on Rails?

How can I get the current absolute URL in my Ruby on Rails view? The request.request_uri only returns the relative URL.
Jakub Arnold
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What is the best regular expression to check if a string is a valid URL?

How can I check if a given string is a valid URL address? My knowledge of regular expressions is basic and doesn't allow me to choose from the hundreds of regular expressions I've already seen on the web.
Vitor Silva
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