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This tag is for questions about database view or UI / architectural view. See also the following tags: sql-view, android-view, uiview.

The purpose of almost any computer program is to process data in one form or another. When the program requires user interaction it is often necessary to provide the user with a view of that data to represent it in a useful and comprehensible manner.

View also refers to:

  • A stored query in a relational database that can be accessed as if it were a table.
  • The display or presentation layer of a MVC architecture.

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Get root view from current activity

I know how to get the root view with View.getRootView(). I am also able to get the view from a button's onClick event where the argument is a View. But how can I get the view in an activity?
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Attempt to present UIViewController on UIViewController whose view is not in the window hierarchy

Just started using Xcode 4.5 and I got this error in the console: Warning: Attempt to present < finishViewController: 0x1e56e0a0 > on < ViewController: 0x1ec3e000> whose view is not in the window hierarchy! The view is still being presented and…
Kyle Goslan
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Difference between a View's Padding and Margin

What is the difference between a View's Margin and Padding?
Ragunath Jawahar
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Android: How do I prevent the soft keyboard from pushing my view up?

I have a vertical sliding drawer at the bottom of my app. When the soft keyboard opens, it pushes the tab for the drawer up, so it sits atop the keyboard. I actually want it to remain at the bottom of the screen, becoming hidden when the keyboard is…
Christopher Perry
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What is the main purpose of setTag() getTag() methods of View?

What is the main purpose of such methods as setTag() and getTag() of View type objects? Am I right in thinking that I can associate any number of objects with a single View?
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What is the difference between Views and Materialized Views in Oracle?

What is the difference between Views and Materialized Views in Oracle?
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Animate change of view background color on Android

How do you animate the change of background color of a view on Android? For example: I have a view with a red background color. The background color of the view changes to blue. How can I do a smooth transition between colors? If this can't be…
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onMeasure custom view explanation

I tried to do custom component. I extended View class and do some drawing in onDraw overrided method. Why I need to override onMeasure? If I didn't, everything seen to be right. May someone explain it? How should I write my onMeasure method? I've…
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How to create EditText with rounded corners?

How to create an EditText that has rounded corners instead of the default rectangular-shaped corners?
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Set margins in a LinearLayout programmatically

I'm trying to use Java (not XML) to create a LinearLayout with buttons that fill the screen, and have margins. Here is code that works without margins: LinearLayout buttonsView = new…
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SwiftUI - How do I change the background color of a View?

I'm beginning to try out SwiftUI and I'm surprised that it doesn't seem to be straightforward to change the background color of a View. How do you do this using SwiftUI?
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View array in Visual Studio debugger?

Is it possible to view an array in the Visual Studio debugger? QuickWatch only shows the first element of the array.
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Replace Fragment inside a ViewPager

I'm trying to use Fragment with a ViewPager using the FragmentPagerAdapter. What I'm looking for to achieve is to replace a fragment, positioned on the first page of the ViewPager, with another one. The pager is composed of two pages. The first one…
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Display a view from another controller in ASP.NET MVC

Is it possible to display a view from another controller? Say for example I have a CategoriesController and a Category/NotFound.aspx view. While in the CategoriesController, I can easly return View("NotFound"). Now say I have a ProductsController…
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Google Chrome display JSON AJAX response as tree and not as a plain text

I cannot find an answer to this one: My AJAX calls return JSON data. In Google Chrome Developer Tools > Resources > XHR when I click on the resource on the left and then on the Content tab I see the JSON string as a string and not as a tree as…
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