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I've inherited a rat's nest of cabling. What now?

You know, you see pictures like below and sort of chuckle until you actually have to deal with it. I have just inherited something that looks like the picture below. The culture of the organization does not tolerate down time very well, yet I have…
Chad Harrison
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Engineers are using explosives to remove hard rock outside our office building. What countermeasures should we take?

Our building is located approx. 100 meters from the explosive charges. They happen several times per day, and really shake the entire building a lot. This is going to go on for many days and the blasts are supposed to get stronger. Our server rooms…
Chris Dale
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How dangerous is a wet server room floor

We have a couple of tower servers in a small server room. The carpet is wet as a result of the cooler and no-one else really seems concerned about this but I'm not too happy. I'm only a lowly developer, but I seem to be more concerned than the…
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The perfect server room?

What do I have to consider when I'm planning a new server room for a small company (30 PCs, 5 servers, a couple of switches, routers, UPS...)? What are the most important aspects in order to protect the hardware? What things do not belong in a…
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What is the correct temperature for a server room?

When I was working in our server room, I noticed that it was very cold. I know that the server room has to be cold to offset the heat of the servers, but perhaps it is TOO cold. What is an appropriate temperature to keep our server room at?
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How to extinguish a small fire in a server rack to minimize damage to surrounding equipment?

Suppose I have a rack with several servers and other stuff. One of servers overheats severely and either starts smoking or catches fire while there's a serviceman nearby. If anything similar happens in an apartment and there's a fire extinguisher…
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What's the best fire suppression for a server room?

What is the state of the art in fire suppression for server rooms? What are the top priorities in choosing a good system?
Dennis Williamson
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How is fire spread in server rooms and datacenters?

Every now and then I read that a severe fire has happened in some datacenter, lots of equipment has been damaged and customers have gone offline. Now I wonder what is there to support and spread fire? I mean walls in a server room usually have…
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Construction workers filled my SAN with concrete and mineral dust

Update: EMC has dropped our warranty and support, so this is going to be an insurance case. Dell says's that we can get a professional cleaning agency to refurbish the servers and keep our warranty. Cisco says "maybe". HP is still silent :( Final…
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Server Room Temperature Control

We have a makeshift server room that contains a rack with half a dozen servers and some network equipment. The room is cooled by a dual-hose portable a/c unit that is vented into the attic. At this time the portable a/c unit can not keep up with the…
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Monitoring server room temperature

I have a small server room with its own AC unit. Recently, the AC died, and the temperature increased from 70 F to > 90 F. We rarely go in this room, so I was lucky that someone happened to notice that the fans were running a lot louder than normal…
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What to look for in a server rack?

I'm looking to purchase a rack/enclosure for some servers. As this is my first time shopping for this type of equipment, I need to know what to look for. I'm asking not only about how to buy the rack, but also what accessories will I need? What can…
Joel Coel
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Server room survival kit?

Trips to the server room can mean extended periods away from the comforts of home, or at least your desk. Especially if it is an off-site hosting facility. What should you take with you, apart from a warm sweater for places with good…
Peter Hilton
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Where is the best place to label a server?

There isn't much room on server chassis and I'm wondering where a label with the servers name should go. Is there any other information in addition to the name that should go on the label? Does it make sense to label each hard drive in a server or…
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My server room has flooded

We recently went through a hurricane and our server room became flooded. Hooray for insurance. Anyway, I need to save as much data off one of the hard drives as possible. Yes, it was submerged for the better part of two days. Do I need to open…
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