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Microsoft Azure is a Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service cloud computing platform. Use this tag for programming questions concerning Azure. General server help can be obtained at Super User or Server Fault.

If you need help setting up Azure resources, ask those questions on Server Fault or Super User.

Microsoft Azure (formerly Windows Azure) is Microsoft's application platform for the public cloud. Microsoft Azure can be used to build web applications or services that run and store data in Microsoft data centres. It can connect on-premises applications with each other or map between different sets of identity information.

Azure offers several high-level services

Azure offers several services currently in preview

Intro to Azure

Each of these services offers the ability to scale up or down based on demand using predetermined virtual machine sizes to run the services.

Use this tag for questions relating to applications hosted on Azure.

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Cannot determine the organization name for this '' remote URL

So I just updated to a new Visual Studio version and I am no longer able to push/pull from/to my Azure Repo (cloning works fine). The exact error I get is Cannot determine the organization name for this '' remote url. ensure the…
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Could not load file or assembly "System.Net.Http, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a"

I've copied my project to a clean Windows 10 machine with only Visual Studio 2015 Community and SQL Server 2016 Express installed. There are no other framework versions installed apart from those installed with Windows 10 and VS2015 or SQL…
Ivan-Mark Debono
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What is the difference between an Azure Web Site and an Azure Web Role

What are the material differences between the new Azure Web Sites and the traditional Azure Web Roles for an ASP.NET MVC application? What reason would I choose a "web site" over a "web role" or vice versa? Let's assume that I would need equal…
Erv Walter
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Azure Webjobs vs Azure Functions : How to choose

I've created some Azure Webjobs that use triggers and I've just learnt about Azure Functions. From what I understand Azure Functions seem to overlap with Azure Webjobs features and I have some difficulty to understand when to choose between Function…
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How do I copy SQL Azure database to my local development server?

Does anyone know how I can copy a SQL Azure database to my development machine? I'd like to stop paying to have a development database in the cloud, but it's the best way to get production data. I copy my production database to a new development…
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How to get the azure account tenant Id?

My question is: Is it possible to get the azure active directory tenant id without using powershell command? I found this two blogs and with this help, I'm already able to get the tenant ID and subscriptions ID from powershell. Is it the only way…
Annie Vincent
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Publish error: Found multiple publish output files with the same relative path

When I publish my ABP project I get the following error: C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\6.0.100-rc.1.21458.32\Sdks\Microsoft.NET.Sdk\targets\Microsoft.NET.ConflictResolution.targets(112,5): error NETSDK1152: Found multiple publish output files with the…
Nader Gharibian Fard
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Azure: Is there a way to view deployed files in Azure?

Is there a file "view" available in Azure? When I log in to Azure to look at a website I've deployed there is no obvious see exactly what files Azure is hosting. I can see there's the Visual Studio Online option which allows you to live edit your…
John Reilly
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Why does Azure deployment take so long?

I'm trying to understand why it can take from 20-60min to deploy a small application to Azure (using the configuration/package upload method, not from within VS). I've read through this situation and this one but I'm still a little unclear - is…
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Microsoft Azure: How to create sub directory in a blob container

How to create a sub directory in a blob container for example, in my blob container If I store some files it will…
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How do I delete an Azure storage account containing a leased blob?

I was playing with Windows Azure durable virtual machines. In the end, I deleted the virtual machine (successfully) and tried to delete the associated storage account. The request to delete the storage account fails. On the Preview Portal…
Fernando Correia
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Checking if a blob exists in Azure Storage

I've got a very simple question (I hope!) - I just want to find out if a blob (with a name I've defined) exists in a particular container. I'll be downloading it if it does exist, and if it doesn't then I'll do something else. I've done some…
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Azure Blob Storage vs. File Service

Please correct my wrongs. From my reading on the topic so far, it appears to me that both, Azure Blob Storage and File Service offer the ability to store file(s) and folder(s) (I understand that blobs can store any binary object, but any serialized…
Water Cooler v2
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Azure Cli how to change subscription default

I have 3 subscription in my Azure Account, I need to change the default subscription. When i Run the command: azure account list I have this output: I have tried to change the default or current subscription on this way, with no results... azure…
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How to re-create database for Entity Framework?

I have got into a bad state with my ASP.Net MVC 5 project, using Code-First Entity Framework. I don't care about losing data, I just want to be able to start fresh, recreate the database and start using Code-First migrations. Currently I am in a…
Toby Sharp
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