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Azure DevOps is a suite of 5 services you use together or independently. For example, Azure Pipelines provides build services (CI) as well as release management for continuous delivery (CD) to any cloud and on-premises servers. Azure Repos provides unlimited private Git hosting, Azure Boards provides agile planning (issues, Kanban, Scrum, and dashboards). Please note that there's a separate tag for Azure DevOps Server (formerly TFS) - the on-prem version.

Azure DevOps (previously known as Visual Studio Team Services or Visual Studio Online) is the home for your project data in the cloud and provided by Microsoft.

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You can get up and running in minutes and deploy to any cloud provider, including Microsoft Azure, using any language and IDE.

You can set up an environment that includes everything from hosted Git repos and project tracking tools, to continuous integration and continuous deployment. Azure DevOps includes:

  • Azure pipelines CI/CD that works with any language, platform, and cloud. Connect to GitHub, Azure Repos or any Git repository and deploy continuously.
  • Azure boards Powerful work tracking with Kanban boards, backlogs, team dashboards, and custom reporting.
  • Azure artifacts Maven, npm, and NuGet package feeds from public and private sources.
  • Azure repos Unlimited cloud-hosted private Git repos for your project. Collaborative pull requests, advanced file management, and more.
  • Azure test plans All in one planned and exploratory testing solution.


For Open source projects, get unlimited users and build time for free with up to 10 parallel jobs on Linux, Windows or macOS hosted on servers by Microsoft.

For small teams the first 5 users are free:

  • Azure pipelines: 1 hosted job with 1,800 minutes per month for CI/CD and 1 self-hosted job
  • Azure boards: Work item tracking and Kanban boards
  • Azure repos: Unlimited private Git repos
  • Azure artifacts: Package management
  • Load testing (20,000 VUMs/month)
  • Unlimited stakeholders

For growing teams, there are additional non-commitment monthly user plans available for additional team members starting at around $6 per user per month. Find out more here.


New features and updates are introduced to Azure DevOps Services every 3 weeks. Users will receive new features before they are rolled up into an update to the on-premises Team Foundation Server product. The release notes for each deployment is available by RSS feed and is summarized into an Azure DevOps Features timeline available here.

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Cannot determine the organization name for this '' remote URL

So I just updated to a new Visual Studio version and I am no longer able to push/pull from/to my Azure Repo (cloning works fine). The exact error I get is Cannot determine the organization name for this '' remote url. ensure the…
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Error TF30063: You are not authorized to access ... \DefaultCollection

I'm using TFS Preview (Team Foundation Service) with one of my projects with Visual Studio 2012. I'm also using an on-premises TFS server with most of my projects. When I use my on-premises TFS after using TFS preview and go back to using TFS…
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Visual Studio 2017 - Git failed with a fatal error

I am using Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition (CE), and I have signed into my Microsoft account and I am connected to VSTS. I can see all my projects and repositories, but when I attempt to pull/fetch/push any changes I get the following…
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Client authentication error when starting Visual Studio 2015 SP3

I just performed a clean install of Visual Studio 2015 SP3, and I'm getting this in the Output window at startup: We were unable to automatically populate your Visual Studio Team Services accounts. The following error was encountered: TF400813:…
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How can I refresh the list of remote branches in my Visual Studio 2017 Team Explorer panel?

How can I refresh the list of remote branches in my Visual Studio Team Explorer panel? In the Visual Studio 2017 Team Explorer, Branches panel, I could see the 10 or so branches in our VSTS instance. Then in Chrome, I deleted some of the older…
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Remote branch on Visual Studio online doesn't appear on Visual Studio 2015 Team Explorer

I have created a new Git repository on Visual Studio online. I have cloned on my computer and I have added it a project. After that, I have created a new branch called develop on Visual Studio online, and I have tried to check it out creating a new…
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Warning: Multiple merge bases detected. The list of commits displayed might be incomplete

In Azure Repos, I have created a PR from branch A to branch B. There aren't any merge conflict displayed. But I end up with the warning message Warning: Multiple merge bases detected. The list of commits displayed might be incomplete. What does…
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Authentication failed for

I am trying to use git to push my repository to a visual studio team services project, but I get the error: fatal: Authentication failed for (url of team project) I am using the commands: git remote add origin …
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Is there a tool to validate an Azure DevOps Pipeline locally?

When making changes to YAML-defined Azure DevOps Pipelines, it can be quite tedious to push changes to a branch just to see the build fail with a parsing error (valid YAML, but invalid pipeline definition) and then try to trial-and-error fix the…
Tomas Aschan
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Unable to authenticate with Git Bash to Visual Studio Team Services

I am unable to run any commands against my remote repository at Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) because authentication fails. I am able to do pulls, etc. through Visual Studio. But only through Visual Studio. Not through Git Bash, or any other…
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What is the difference between Pipeline and Release Pipeline in azure devops?

An yaml file is generated while you choose this option shown below: In this yaml file, you can define an entire deployment cycle starting from restore -> build -> run tests -> publish and -> deploy to azure app service web app. then, why there is…
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Git in Visual Studio - add existing project?

I'm trying to put an existing project under Git source control, but I'm unclear on several things. I have set up a 'Team Foundation Service' Git account online. I currently have an ASP.NET MVC 4 solution - in my Projects folder. I have created a Git…
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Azure DevOps: User lacks permission to complete this action. You need to have 'AddPackage'

I get an error: User XXX lacks permission to complete this action. You need to have 'AddPackage' when trying to push a nuget package to Azure DevOps artifacts. I am the administrator This is the stage: - stage: displayName: 'Release' …
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What are the big differences between TFVC (TFS Version Control) and Git for source control when using Visual Studio 2013?

There are tons of questions and answers about Git versus TFVC Source Control, but no current answers cover the integration of Git into Team Foundation Server/Service that I can find. I'm starting green pasture development using a wide variety of…
Greg Grater
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Logon failed, use ctrl+c to cancel basic credential prompt to Git in Azure DevOps

When cloning a git repository sitting up in Azure Repos into my local machine clone succeeds but I get a line that says: Logon failed, use ctrl+c to cancel basic credential prompt Not sure what this is referring to, any ideas? I'm using PAT token…
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