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A controller is responsible for executing a sequence of instructions in response to some stimulus (maybe a command, action, or event). This is often used in conjunction with the Spring or model-view-controller tags.

A controller is responsible for executing a sequence of instructions in response to some stimulus (maybe a command, action, or event). It may be used to refer to the controller portion of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern, or a general handler for actions and events that orchestrates a response. It may also refer to the Spring annotation @Controller.

As it can refer to a number of different things, this tag is best used in conjunction with other tags. So, if you're referring to the Spring @Controller annotation, use the Spring tag in conjunction with this one. If you're referring to the general MVC controller, use the model-view-controller tag.

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RedirectToAction with parameter

I have an action I call from an anchor thusly, Site/Controller/Action/ID where ID is an int. Later on I need to redirect to this same Action from a Controller. Is there a clever way to do this? Currently I'm stashing ID in tempdata, but when you…
Eric Brown - Cal
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Can an ASP.NET MVC controller return an Image?

Can I create a Controller that simply returns an image asset? I would like to route this logic through a controller, whenever a URL such as the following is requested: The controller will look up…
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Downloading a file from spring controllers

I have a requirement where I need to download a PDF from the website. The PDF needs to be generated within the code, which I thought would be a combination of freemarker and a PDF generation framework like iText. Any better way? However, my main…
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Laravel 5 Failed opening required bootstrap/../vendor/autoload.php

I have recently installed Laravel 5 via Composer. I tried creating a new controller using Artisan and got the following error. Am I missing something? bootstrap/../vendor/autoload.php. Failed to open stream: No such file or directory. The "vendor"…
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Multiple types were found that match the controller named 'Home'

I currently have two unrelated MVC3 projects hosted online. One works fine, the other doesn't work, giving me the error: Multiple types were found that match the controller named 'Home'. This can happen if the route that services this…
Only Bolivian Here
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Allow multiple roles to access controller action

Right now I decorate a method like this to allow "members" to access my controller action [Authorize(Roles="members")] How do I allow more than one role? For example the following does not work but it shows what I am trying to do (allow "members"…
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How to create separate AngularJS controller files?

I have all of my AngularJS controllers in one file, controllers.js. This file is structured as follows: angular.module('myApp.controllers', []) .controller('Ctrl1', ['$scope', '$http', function($scope, $http) { }]) .controller('Ctrl2',…
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How do I create a simple 'Hello World' module in Magento?

How can the following be accomplished in Magento? Display a "Hello World" message using a controller/view/model approach. So, if I went to it would show the string 'Hello World'. Being able to show this string within…
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Access Controller method from another controller in Laravel 5

I have two controllers SubmitPerformanceController and PrintReportController. In PrintReportController I have a method called getPrintReport. How to access this method in SubmitPerformanceController?
Iftakharul Alam
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Can I get the name of the current controller in the view?

Is there a way to figure out what the current controller is from within the view? For an example of why I would want to know this: if several controllers share the same layout, I may have a part in the layout ERB file where I want to highlight the…
Dan Tao
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Get controller and action name from within controller?

For our web application I need to save the order of the fetched and displayed items depending on the view - or to be precise - the controller and action that generated the view (and the user id of course, but that's not the point here). Instead of…
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How to call another controller Action From a controller in Mvc

I need to call a controller B action FileUploadMsgView from Controller A and need to pass a parameter for it. Its not going to the controller B's FileUploadMsgView(). Here's the code: ControllerA: private void Test() { try { //some codes…
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ASP.NET MVC: Is Controller created for every request?

Very simple question: Are controllers in ASP.NET created for every HTTP request, or are they created at application startup and reused throughout requests? Will the controller be created only for a particular HTTP request? If my previous assumptions…
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Init method in Spring Controller (annotation version)

I'm converting a controller to the newer annotation version. In the old version I used to specify the init method in springmvc-servlet.xml using: How can I specify the init…
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Is it possible to determine whether ViewController is presented as Modal?

Is it possible to check inside ViewController class that it is presented as modal view controller?
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