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Team Explorer is a client for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Team Explorer can be used to manage work that is assigned to you, your team, or your team projects, and to coordinate your efforts with other team members to develop a project. Team Explorer connects Visual Studio to team projects that were created on Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) or Visual Studio Online. You can manage source code, work items, and builds. Or, create a team project.

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Remove git mapping in Visual Studio 2015

This question has nothing to do with git itself; rather, it has to do with removing a binding/mapping to a git repository that Visual Studio 2015 (VS2015) has previously seen. Here's a screen shot of the problem: Notice that the remove button is…
Matthew Kraus
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How can I refresh the list of remote branches in my Visual Studio 2017 Team Explorer panel?

How can I refresh the list of remote branches in my Visual Studio Team Explorer panel? In the Visual Studio 2017 Team Explorer, Branches panel, I could see the 10 or so branches in our VSTS instance. Then in Chrome, I deleted some of the older…
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Using Visual Studio 2015, how to commit only one file?

What I've tried: I don't recall to have an issue when in VS2013. When in VS2015, I've tried the context menu inside one code file or right clicking just that file from Solution Explorer, yet it includes all changed files. I've also tried filtering…
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Add an existing folder to TFS source control

Is there any way I can add an existing folder to source control in TFS? I have created a new folder outside of TFS, just in the file system, and would like to add it to source control, but the only apparent way to do this is the ridiculous…
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how to make git push origin --force ; in Visual Studio Team Explorer

I recently had an issue where I had to disregard my last commit, so on the command line I did following: git push origin --force this works fine, however I normally make my push/pulls from inside Visual Studio Team Explorer, however I could not…
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Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 Team Explorer Missing 'Exclude'

I have been using the Git integration from within the Team Explorer section in Visual Studio 2015. I have an number of config files in my solution that require modifications in order for the application to run locally but I don't want to commit…
Chris B
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Visual Studio 2017 15.3.0 git changes include "storage.ide" even though .vs/ in .gitignore

I upgraded VS 2017 to 15.3.0 a few days ago. Since then file "storage.ide" has remained in my modified files, even through I have used a suggested .gitignore for VS, which includes the .vs/ folder. This includes the following. # Visual Studio 2015…
Roger Layton
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VS Team Explorer merge conflicts

When merging our develop branch into my feature branch develop --> feature in Visual Studio, I get a merge conflict. I have the possibility to choose from Take Source and Keep Target. I want to take the file from the develop branch. Which one is…
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Find Shelveset of Another User

When I follow instructions to find a shelveset, I'm given a list of all my personal shelvesets. But what I want is to view and unshelve from another user's selection. Other developers can simply change the user to whoever they want. No such…
Brent Arias
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Without installing Visual Studio can I use Team Explorer or TFS power tools to check-in/check-out files through windows explorer?

We need to allow users to check-out check-in files in Windows Explorer. Is it mandatory to install Visual Studio in order to use Team Explorer or TFS Power Tools? What kind of licenses will be needed?
Ashish Gamit
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TFS 2013: Get all work items below a certain parent

how can I define a query in TFS 2013 (Team Explorer 2013) to get all items as a list below a certain toplevel workitem: |--+-Parent 1 | |--+-Child 1 | |--Child of Child 1 | |--+-Child 2 | | | |--Child of Child 2 | |…
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TFS Power tools installation error: no Side-by-side

I have visual studio 2012 installed on my box and I am trying to install TFS 2012 power tools. This is the error I am getting via getwindowText: The Windows Shell Extension component cannot be installed side-by-side with previous versions. In…
Jay Jay Jay
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TFS 2012 : The working folder is already in use after Hard Disk Format

I have referred to a lot of forums and also this so question but my problem is that I have formatted my machine. So I'm not able to overcome this issue. I have tried deleting workspaces from visual studio command prompt and also clearing cache, but…
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Visual Studio 2015 Team Explorer doesn't see existing local repository clone

I have a Visual Studio online Team Project with a repository. I have been using this with VS 2013 for a while now. I installed VS 2015 and connected to Visual Studio online in team explorer and chose the project in question. however, under…
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User Check-In History in Visual Studio 2012 / 2013

In Visual Studio 2010, I was able to view the check-in history of a particular user from Team Explorer -> Team Project -> Team Members -> Right-click on a user name -> Show Check-in History. I just can't find such option in Visual Studio 2012/2013…
Borislav Ivanov
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