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tvOS is an operating system developed by Apple for the Apple TV based on its successful iOS operating system. The first beta was released on September 9th, 2015.

tvOS is a new operating system based on iOS and designed for the new Apple TV. It allows third-party developers to create apps using the same software frameworks used for iOS, OS X, and watchOS.

It runs only on 4th generation Apple TVs, which were released on October 26th, 2015.

Developer documentation is available at:

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How to retrieve iPhone IDFA from API?

I would like to get the device IDFA. How to get this info from iOS official API ?
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How to extend iOS app to tvOS

I have an iOS app that I need to extend to tvOS. All the information that I found are explaining how to start from scratch! Is there any way to extend my app to tvOS or I should start a new project with it? Update1: My question is: How to extend my…
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How to play YouTube content on tvOS

How would one play a YouTube video on Apple tvOS? YouTube's embed feature works in iOS 9 as the OS has a UIWebView we can embed it into. The new tvOS does not include a UIWebView so I cannot see a way to embed the YouTube video.
Carl Thomas
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How can I get rid of "Update to recommended settings" warning?

I'm porting an iOS game to tvOS (Unity game). I have this annoying warning that I can't get rid of. Whenever I click on "Update to recommended settings" it pops up a window saying "Project settings are valid". The warning's still there. (Never mind…
Nika Kasradze
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Xcode 7.1 - Not authorized to use this service Error

I did a fresh install of OSX on my machine yesterday and installed Xcode 7.1. After having signed in with my developer account and fixing all code signing issues that come along, I wanted to upload my tvOS app. Important to say that I did not change…
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Custom fonts in a tvOS TVML app

Is there a way to use custom fonts in an Apple tvOS TVML based application? I've tried the @font-face at-rule to no avail.