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Also known as WiFi. This tag should be used when asking home WiFi networking questions or connecting your personal computer to a public network. Questions about enterprise or corporate wireless networks are off topic.

Wireless networking (specifically WiFi) involves several hurdles not found in wired networking:

  • A wireless network is not as secure because physical access to the switch is not necessary.
  • Wireless networks' signals get significantly weaker with distance because of the inverse square law (at least concerning WiFi), as well as being subject to interference (specifically, from microwaves, which run on the same frequency as WiFi).

Wireless Network is normally done over WiFi (wireless fidelity), however, cell networks and light-based networks are also considered wireless networks.
Cell networks are typically s as opposed to s. Light-based networks are entirely experimental and probably will not reach the market in the near future.

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How can I get the same SSID for multiple access points?

I need to upgrade my existing wireless infrastructure and this time I want 2 access points to cover my house, since I get blind spots no matter what with a single AP. I have physical cabling to my central network available for both access points. I…
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What does the "Fi" in "Wi-Fi" mean?

I just got into a heated discussion about Wi-Fi. What does the Fi in Wi-Fi mean? I would have thought potentially "frequency interface" since all network adapters are classified as interfaces. However I'm not certain.
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Why does my microwave kill the Wi-Fi?

Every time I start the microwave in the kitchen, our home Wi-Fi stops working and all devices lose connection with our router! The kitchen and the Wi-Fi router are in opposite ends of the apartment but devices are being used a little here and there.…
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Does it make sense to keep different SSIDs for 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks?

My router can have different SSIDs for 2.4 and 5 GHz and I'm not sure if it's better to have the same SSID or not. Initially I put the same network but I got confused when the MacBook Pro displayed me two networks with the same name, an I was not…
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How to find a router at an unknown location in a house?

I want to install a WLAN repeater in my father’s holiday house which he rents out to other people. My father is a digital neanderthal and doesn’t know where his router is, therefore I cannot configure my repeater to this router. Are there any tools…
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What is a "Magic Packet" for waking a computer?

My wireless adapter (Intel Dual Band Wireless-N 7260) has two settings in Device Manager which I cannot explain. Wake on Magic Packet Wake on Pattern Match After a bit of research, I found this Microsoft Technet article which defines the feature…
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Is it really possible for most enthusiasts to crack people's Wi-Fi networks?

Can most enthusiastic users (even if they are not professionals) use well-known techniques to break through the average home router's security? Some basic security options are: strong network password with various encryption methods custom router…
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How does Windows know whether it has internet access or if a Wi-Fi connection requires in-browser authentication?

In Windows 7, the notification area networking icon will show an error indicator if there is no internet access , and the error icon goes away once there is a successful connection to the internet . Sometimes, if the WiFi connection requires an…
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SSID with very similar name, is this an attempt of hacking?

I noticed that another SSID pops up in my WiFi with the same name as mine (quite personal so could've only been intentionally copied) but a couple of the letters are capitalized. Their version has no security. Mine has WPA-PSK2. I tested it to be…
K. Pick
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Is it better to use a crowded 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channel 1, 6, 11 or "unused" 3, 4, 8, or 9?

I understand that 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channels overlap, and that the most popular non-overlapping set of channels in the US is 1, 6, and 11. Generally, my signal strength on channels 1, 6, and 11 are much stronger than my neighbors' on the same channel. …
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Make Windows 7 ignore WiFi when ethernet is available

When I dock my Windows 7 laptop, I want it to prefer the wired ethernet connection over WiFi. This is a pretty straightforward thing to do on my Mac - I just reorder my network preferences, and it "does the right thing." I just can't figure out how…
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Display list of computers on a LAN in Linux

I'm a web dev who is trying to get a better handle on security. I'm trying to figure out a way (on Linux/Debian based distros) to list all computers on the same LAN my netbook is on. I tried "arp -n" but I don't feel it's a complete list, as my…
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Paranoid Parent: "WiFi safe for baby?"

I am most likely being an overprotective parent but since the birth of our newborn, my wife and I have been wondering about credible studies dealing with Wi-Fi and health concerns. I love my Wi-Fi, it's the cornerstone to all my gadgets and computer…
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Do two computers connected on the same Wi-Fi have the same IP address?

Do two computers connected on the same Wi-Fi have the same IP address (for example, my dad's computer and my computer, at home)? If so, how does the outside world distinguishes one computer with the other? (for example, when a server wants to send…
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How do I diagnose and visualize high ping times to wifi router?

I'm seeing erratic and sometimes very long ping times to my wifi router that's just one hop away. Pinging sometimes gives stretches of 400-800ms latencies. There are plenty of things to try (firmware, router placement, AP channel, etc.),…
Paul Irish
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